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Quick Hits 21st March 


Almost as soon as Scotty and I tip him as hot favourite in Catalunya the poodle haired one crashes out of contention. My heart bleeds.

Valverde’s dream comeback grinds to halt in Catalunya:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


Nice post which instead of just parroting "wider tyres have lower rolling resistance" considered the aero implications.

Tech FAQ: Again, bigger tires roll faster!:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


About bloody time. Always wanted the baggy look to hide my cellulite ;o) but couldn't live without bibs.

Found: Dirt Baggies – Bib-Lined Mountain Bike Baggie Shorts - Bike Rumor:

(Via www.bikerumor.com)


Roaring success on Kickstarter. Easy to see why. I'm tempted.

The Jiggernaut-Bringing bicycle frame building to the masses by Mixed Media Engineering — Kickstarter:

(Via www.kickstarter.com)


Greenedge's dream start continues. Who's laughing now?

Michael Albasini doubles up in the Volta a Catalunya:

(Via www.velonation.com)


Women apparently race bikes! Cool team. Cool team name. Kudos to Speccy.

Video: The Women Of Specialized-lululemon - BikeRadar:

(Via www.bikeradar.com)


Morrisons expand their range from groceries to rainwear. ;o) AJA© it's a horny, and pricey, jacket if it fits.

(Note to VeloNews, and a few others, click through galleries to bump your page views is soooo 20th century. Concentrate on producing decent content to drive numbers or lose visitors.)

Quick Look: Mavic HC H2O Jacket:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


I don't often dare to disagree with King Kelly but I do here, as discussed in this week's show.

Kelly sees merit in one of proposed changes to Milan-Sanremo route:

(Via www.velonation.com)


Finally, any of these would work on me, but I'm easy. ;o)

25 Pick Up Lines for Cyclists and Bike Lovers | EcoSalon | Conscious Culture and Fashion:

(Via ecosalon.com)



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