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Quick Hits 28th March

Quite nice, not particularly groundbreaking. I'd have one though. ;o)

New Specialized Turbo e-Bike Blitzes the City, Gives Euros All the Fun - Bike Rumor:



Kinda get the first point but am doubtful that there's anyone in the world who didn't know the gist of the rest of the piece.

The Torqued Wrench: The Myth of Origin:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


Velo Orange are home to some of my favourite bits of functional but slightly retro gear. I like most of the product they source or manufacture but I LOVE this wee thing. The neatest iteration of a fairly old idea.  Essential for a cyclo-tourist, useful for all.

The Velo ORANGE Blog: The Stein Cassette Cracker:



Eeee by gum!

Yorkshire makes Tour de France bid official:



Going to try hard to make this one.

Rich Mitch at Ronde:

(Via The Drum-Up)


I am on record regarding my admiration for Renovo bikes. I'd have one in a heartbeat. This though? FUGLY!

Just In: Renovo Hoodoo Hardwood Time Trial Bike - BikeRadar:



Nowt to do with cycling but I just love this. Much to admire in the Netherlands.

MAKE | Playground Built from Used Windmill Parts:



Back soon with a lengthy discussion of postage stamp pricing. ;o)




Quick Hits 26th March

OK, I know it says Cinelli on the downtube and it gets a good review but it just looks like another Specialized inspired, build it by numbers, bike to me. It'll make somebody very happy but from the Cinelli marque? I want, nay demand, something that does their heritage proud. Not just another 8/10 blandmobile.

Cinelli Saetta – First Ride Review - BikeRadar:



and while I'm grumpy who the hell put the Independent Fabrications decals on a Merlin Cielo?

Bespoked Bristol Handmade Bike Show 2012: Argos Racing Cycles To Torus - BikeRadar:



Seen a lot of shit about Albasini's win being an accident. Hey, bike racing is sometimes affected by the weather. He had to deal with the same race as everybody else in the peloton. He won. It's on his palmares. STFU! He won the damn thing fair and square! Bunnet!

Albasini weathers storm to claim unlikely win in Volta a Catalunya:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


Told you he was back. ;o) Will he take a monument or two this year. Hot favourite for Flanders and, barring accidents (which you never can) I can't see past him for Roubaix.

Tom Boonen Takes Third Gent-Wevelgem Victory:



That's it, just a brief one today.




Quick Hits 21st March 


Almost as soon as Scotty and I tip him as hot favourite in Catalunya the poodle haired one crashes out of contention. My heart bleeds.

Valverde’s dream comeback grinds to halt in Catalunya:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


Nice post which instead of just parroting "wider tyres have lower rolling resistance" considered the aero implications.

Tech FAQ: Again, bigger tires roll faster!:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


About bloody time. Always wanted the baggy look to hide my cellulite ;o) but couldn't live without bibs.

Found: Dirt Baggies – Bib-Lined Mountain Bike Baggie Shorts - Bike Rumor:



Roaring success on Kickstarter. Easy to see why. I'm tempted.

The Jiggernaut-Bringing bicycle frame building to the masses by Mixed Media Engineering — Kickstarter:



Greenedge's dream start continues. Who's laughing now?

Michael Albasini doubles up in the Volta a Catalunya:



Women apparently race bikes! Cool team. Cool team name. Kudos to Speccy.

Video: The Women Of Specialized-lululemon - BikeRadar:



Morrisons expand their range from groceries to rainwear. ;o) AJA© it's a horny, and pricey, jacket if it fits.

(Note to VeloNews, and a few others, click through galleries to bump your page views is soooo 20th century. Concentrate on producing decent content to drive numbers or lose visitors.)

Quick Look: Mavic HC H2O Jacket:

(Via VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling)


I don't often dare to disagree with King Kelly but I do here, as discussed in this week's show.

Kelly sees merit in one of proposed changes to Milan-Sanremo route:



Finally, any of these would work on me, but I'm easy. ;o)

25 Pick Up Lines for Cyclists and Bike Lovers | EcoSalon | Conscious Culture and Fashion:





Quick Hits 20th March

I really like these. Not just because it's a Soma, but because I live in the size of town where it could quite genuinely replace a car without being as clumsy as an Xtracycle variant.

Quick Ride: Soma Tradesman | Cycling in Auckland:



Crucial year for Roche. Needs to decide what he wants from his career and focus on what he's good at. He is not a three week GC guy.

Roche uncertain about expectations for Volta a Catalunya:



A niche within a niche but Ailsa ran until about seven months into her pregnancies so all power to their sewing machines.

Mountain Mama is high performing, active apparel for ladies with a baby bump. As they put it,Mountain Mama’s unique curved-front maternity cut elimininates up-drafts, unflattering draping, and peek-a-boo belly.Right on. The Ardennes jersey and Emilia shorts are available in the Summer 12 collection and cool. We know lot of women mountain bike and lots of them have babies too.

(Via Bike Hugger)


Porn of the highest order. I still remember the look on Scotty's face the first time I handed him a Lightweight Wheel. ;o)

Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels – First Look - BikeRadar:



DONT screw about with new equipment or nutrition on race day. Introduce changes gradually during training. His shoes might have been old but they were still working! Even seasoned pros get this one wrong.

Joaquim Rodriguez concedes shoe change error caused tendonitis:



We were going to talk about this in last week's show but never got around to gear. Mental.

6lb Road Bike – World’s New Lightest Bicycle from Fairwheel Bikes! - Bike Rumor:


Slightly fugly set of general purpose riding shoes. Functionally great if they fit though. Like the look of 'em.

Keen Springwater II Cycling Shoes:

(Via Urban Velo)